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Supported Hardware

Currently supported

Motion sensors

  • Analog MEMS gyroscopes
    • Melexis MLX90609EEA-R2
    • Analog Devices ADXRS300
    • Invensense IDG500/ISZ500
  • Analog MEMS accelerometers
    • Memsic MXR9500MZ
  • Digital motion sensor: Invensense MPU6050

Baro sensors

  • Freescale MPH6115
  • Bosch BMP085
  • MS5611

Compass sensors

  • Micromag3
  • HMC5843
  • HMC5883

GPS receivers

  • Ublox LEA-4/5/6 based modules

Radio control

  • Standard PPM receiver (including QuadroPPM)
  • Spektrum (satellite only can be used)
  • Futaba S-bus receiver
  • ACT S3D


  • I2C-based ultrasound ranger (SRF-08)
  • NMEA gps (technically supported, but very poor performance)

Optional add-ons

  • Wireless telemetry modem
    • Linx Technologies Wi232
    • Bluetooth modules
  • Telemetry module for Jeti and Graupner Hott
  • OpenLog (sparkfun) for onboard datalogging


  • Self-levelling “Attitude” mode (if ACC sensor is present)
  • Aerobatic “HH” mode
  • Altitude Hold, climb and descent at programmed rates
  • Freely configurable mixer, allowing any configuration up to 12 motors, including tricopter
  • Roll/pitch camera gimbal control using standard servos
  • Navigation functions (GPS receiver and compass needed)
    • PH: position hold
    • CH: coming home
    • FBC: fly by click
    • WPT: follow a flightplan defined by waypoints, with different actions at each waypoint
    • Emergency return to home in case of radio loss
  • Auto-yaw functions (GPS receiver and compass needed)
    • Tail home
    • Nose home
    • Nose on POI
    • Nose on active WPT
    • Nose in desired heading
  • Steering modes (except for Normal mode: GPS receiver and compass needed)
    • Normal (RNS: RollNickSteering)
    • PVS: Pilot stands in Home position, Kopter always steers as if tail was pointing to pilot
    • FSS: Kopter steers as if always pointing in the same direction as during motorstart
  • 4 independent parameter sets stored in non-volatile memory
  • Ground station software with mapping capability for Windows and Android
  • OSD for displaying flight info in a live video feed
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